Friday, December 2, 2016

Three CrossFit Tips for Total Beginners

Serving as a police officer for the Bristol Police Department, Bob Osborne of Farmington, CT, was named the 2006 Police Officer of the Year. Outside of work, Bob Osborne enjoys staying physically active and loves CrossFit training. 

If you are new to the CrossFit fitness regimen, you might be a little confused and intimidated. These three tips will help you ease into CrossFit and make the most out of it early on. 

1. Form – Before you start to worry about working out with weights, make sure you have proper form down perfectly. Watch others in your gym, and don’t be afraid to ask for pointers and advice. Poor form leads to bad habits that are harder to break once you have gotten into a routine, so work on establishing good form from the beginning. 

2. A Good Gym – While you can do CrossFit at home or at your normal gym, consider finding a gym, otherwise known as a “box,” that emphasizes CrossFit. Find a place that has a quality coaching staff to help you while you are learning the ropes. The positive community of like-minded exercisers is an added bonus. 

3. Friendly Competition – Friendly competition is part of the spirit of CrossFit. Many boxes keep track of the weight you lift and repetitions you complete during each class. This score, while making it easier to track your own progress, can also help motivate you to push harder, to keep up with others in your class.

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